Album: ParkerLjung com:20170401 Soccer

The first is just a single shot of Parker fighting hard for the ball. Then there is a 7 photo sequence in which Parker crossed the ball beautifully to a teammate. Unfortunately somehow your teammate didn't manage to get a goal even though the goal was wide open. After that is his assist, final score 5-1 against a Madison team.
Parker-about-to-Pass-1 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-1 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-2 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-3
Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-4 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-5 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-6 Parker-crosses-and-T..ate-fails-to-score-7
Parkers-Assist-1 Parkers-Assist-2 Parkers-Assist-3 Parkers-Assist-4
Parkers-Assist-5 Parkers-Assist-6 Parkers-Assist-7
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